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We understand that going away can be very traumatic for both you and your dog. Being away from home is scary. Kennels are not fun, and you just never know if you're going to like the mutt in the cage next to you. 


At B3 Dog Services we make it easy for your dog to stay behind while waiting for you to bring 'em back a souvenir.


Our overnight stays usually involve us spending quality time with your canine in the comfort of his/her own home. Sleepovers are generally from 8pm - 7am, and include feeding, 2 walks during the sleepover a evening and morning and all the TLC your dog(s) can handle.  


Holiday sleepovers are available for an additional charge.

We put the sleep back in Sleepover

Rate Plans

1-2 Nights

Prices include all pet care and home care as necessary

82.00 per night

3-4 Nights

Prices reflect consecutive night sleepover services

$228/3 Nights

$300/4 Nights



Prices reflect consecutive night sleepover services

$470/7 Nights

Don't see what you need? Ask. We're flexible!

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