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A Guide on Dog Food

I recently came across a great dog food guide that I thought I would share. There is a frightening lack of regulation when it comes to Fido’s diet. Many dog food formulas are brimming with mysterious ingredients...dangerous chemicals, “meat-meal,” grain fillers, and dog-unfriendly fruits and veggies. The team of researchers at dedicated over 1,400 hours to their guide, speaking to experts and studying articles before reviewing the ingredients of 2,223 formulas across 115 brands. They sought out ones that contained whole proteins, whole grains, bonus healthy nutrients, natural preservatives, and dog-friendly fruits and veggies! They also reviewed brands for recalls, ingredient sources, and customer satisfaction. The results? A list of 134 dog food formulas manufactured by 29 brands that they can confidently recommend. Take a look for yourself here

We do not have any affiliation with any of the companies listed.

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