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Meet Banjo!

Everyone needs inspiration in life to find their happiness and passion. For B3 Dog Services that is our own fur baby, Banjo.

Banjo came into our lives after another of our babies, Simon, went to heaven. Not only were we a little lonelier without Simon, but our other dog, Milo, was as well. We have always looked to shelters to find our furry family members. Dean found Banjo on the Animal Care and Protective Services web site and immediately fell in love. The whole family (Milo included) piled into the car and went downtown to meet him. It was clear to us that Banjo was a very special boy that needed a great home that would provide him with lots of love.

Things were a little rocky at first. Being Border Collie virgins, we didn’t realize the energy level that this little guy had. At first we tried to kennel train him. We quickly found that he was very unhappy in his “house”. After a couple of chewed up doggie beds, sheets and towels, we gave it up. But we learned right along with him. Border Collies are very smart, so potty training was not much of an issue. However, chewing on things (shoes, bed frames, baseboards, coffee table corners) became a bit of a problem. 6 month old Border Collie, too much energy and too little exercise is not a good combination.

Daily trips to the dog park were the answer. Banjo was transformed. The exercise and the socialization were great for all of us. And Banjo is an athlete! One of his greatest pleasures is dock jumping. We began taking trips with him to have him compete with Ultimate Air Dogs and we took him to Frisbee lessons (he was great; we were terrible). He makes our lives more complete in so many ways.

It was through the love of Banjo that our purpose was realized. Our dogs are very important members of our family and deserve to be treated as such. Our happiness and passion is not only taking care of our babies, but other fur babies as well.

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