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Jacksonville is lucky to have some of the greatest dog parks in the world, including Dogwood Park, and the Atlantic Beach Dog Park.


If your dog is a member at either of these parks, we will shuttle and supervise your dog while he/she runs to his heart's content! Each visit offers 1 hour of fun and frolicking.


And for those dogs who love walking or running on the beach, we are happy to take them on an evening stroll so they can feel the sand beneath their paws.


Pup-pack group rates are available for up to 3 dogs.

Holiday field trips are available for an additional charge.

Park/Beach Field Trips

Rate Plans

Daytime Field Trip

Add $5.00 for each additional dog.

Up to 3 dogs, maximum

$45 Per Trip 90 min


1 field trip per day M-F

Evening Field Trip

Prices good for up to 2 dogs in the same family walked at the same time

$40 Per Trip


1 field trip per evening, M-F

Need More?

B3 Dog Services also offers sleepovers!

Click the image for more info

Don't see what you need? Ask. We're flexible!

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