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Q   Are you insured?

A   Yes, all of our walkers and sitters are insured and bonded              through Pet Sitters Associates.



Q   How do I know you are actually walking my dog?

A   We use Pet Check Technology.  It logs time in and time out and

     tracks the walks with GPS.  As we check in and check out, we        also snap a quick picture that is included in an email that you        wil receive when service is complete.



Q   What happens if there is an emergency with my dog?

A   If there is ever an emergency with your pet, we will contact you      and take them to your personal vet, if necessary. We keep            your vet information on file and request that you leave a              signed vet release form with them.



Q   Do you walk my dog with other dogs?

A   No. Unless you have asked to be teamed up with another dog        that we walk, your pet will get our undivided attention.



Q   What happens on rainy days?

A   Your dog will still be walked, unless you prefer they not be. If          there is lightning or dangerous heavy winds, we will keep it          short so they can relieve themselves. They will be towel-dried        before coming inside. The rest of the time will be spent                indoors playing. (No extra charge for belly rubs!)

Q   Can I verify your references?

A   Absolutely! Let me know  

     which you would like to talk

     to and I will have them contact



Q   Will you take care of my dog if

     it's vicioius?

A   No. If we are unable to ensure our safety

     and that of other people and pets, we do not provide services.


Q   Are you a trainer?

A   No, but we are more than happy to work with your dog to        

     reinforce the training you are working on, or refer you to a

     professional dog trainer.


Q   Do you walk on Holidays?

A   Yes. With advanced scheduling, we provide holiday services.

     Additional charges may apply.


Q   What forms of payment do you accept and when do I pay you?

A   I accept cash, check, and major credit cards.  

     Payment arrangements are made during our meet-and-greet



Q   What other services do you offer?

A   We provide various dog-related services include: Pet Taxi,    

     Excrement Eradication (aka: Poopy Scooping), Pet Supply

     Shopping, and Flea & Tick Treatment Application. 


Have More Questions? Just Drop Us A Line!

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